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Zor bijou particulier 5 grelot
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Esoteric bell to call luck, cherubs... Modulable bell to hang on a piece of jewelry as pendant, charm. This lucky charm jewel exist in many antique and actual cultures. Named bola or "guardian angels caller" in ancient traditions to wear around the neck or hanging as decoration. For reassuring emotions, secrets to protect, good heart chakra, celestial energies, mind protection for peace of soul, for romantic superstitious! Some esoteric and fantasy to fell better cannot hurt! Order the optional bell for small discreet and delicate sound. Later it will remind you or your baby this unique wellness (antique bronze - nickel free - adjustable size). Creative Jewelry, fancy trend. ZOR creations. Made in France.

All our creations are hand-made in France. The variation of shape, size and color of each piece when compared to another is a distinct characteristic and proof of its uniqueness and preciousness.

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