"The Red Harlequin" Licencing Jewelry

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Show your true colors! Live “The Red Harlequin” by choosing your nation and banner!

Introducing the collections of “The Red Harlequin” branded jewelry. Graphical and conceptual collections which utilizes the pennants and masks of the seven Chrome nations of the Harlequins. The writer Roberto Ricci takes us in an alternate medieval world divided by color where each of the seven nations abides to a different color and its exclusive characteristics. This visually rich saga abounds with symbols and allegories.

The nomadic Green are one with nature whom they worship in their temples as their Mother Goddess… The fierce Orange (women) are considered to be the Amazons of the mountains. They live across the Yellow (men) in twin cities. These ancient falconers have preserved their humble strength and their knowledge of gold… The Violet are the ethereal Chromes, infatuated with beauty, both external and internal. Aided by their ancient knowledge of herbal remedies, it is no wonder that their symbol is the butterfly... The Black, with their ancestral warrior ways and puritan lifestyle, are considered to be the Spartans of the seven Nations… Contrasting the Black, we have the Red, their archrivals. The Red, who live by the sea, are the intellectuals of the Chromes. They are divided in three castes and control the precious commerce of salt… And last but not least, the Blue, whose symbol is the sapphire. This nation of astute merchants is obsessed with wealth: nothing is ever enough…

All our creations are hand-made in France.The variation in shape, size and color from one piece to another is a distinctive characteristic and proof of its uniqueness and preciousness.

TRH the new saga to be discovered!

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