Pierced earring Kids 8

Boucle d oreille enfant 8 dormeuse ange sebicotane bijou fantaisie zor paris 2
DISCOUNT 55€ 49€ inc. tax

Jewelry with cherubs or angels?... Pierced earrings with small cute cupids inspired by the famous painting Madonna Sistina painted by Raffaello. Poetic piece of jewelry with cute symbol of luck, love  and playfulness (for pierced ears - antique bronze finish - nickel free). Creative Jewelry, fancy trend. Zor creations. Hand Made in France.

All our creations are hand-made in France. The variation of shape, size and color of each piece when compared to another is a distinct characteristic and proof of its uniqueness and preciousness.


cupid angel discreet playful pastel symbol Pendant Pierced earring figurine Zor antique bronze