Bracelet Kids 20

DISCOUNT 39€ 29€ inc. tax

Precious girls love gemstones... Quartz tourmaline stones is used for protection in lithotherapy which in many cultures is used to its magnetism. Particularly known for deflect negative currents and bad influences. Natural stone staging on retro bracelet, inspired by esoteric and vintage style. Cord knot sliding. From 8 to 14 years old*. price for 1 piece (antique bronze - nickel free - adjustable size). Creative Jewelry, fancy trend. ZOR creations. Made in France.

*OPTION of colour : choose other colours of cords order options "made-to-measure - choice of colour".
*MADE TO MEASURE age: discover other sizes of cords order options "lace with different size".

All our creations are hand-made in France. The variation of shape, size and color of each piece when compared to another is a distinct characteristic and proof of its uniqueness and preciousness.






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