Venice Carnival and "Masks" jewelry by Zor Paris

Zor blog trh carnaval de venise

For Venice Carnival, Zor creations presents the new collection "Masks", jewelry inspired by the fantastic tale, actually bestseller in digital book. "The Red Harlequin" by...


Roberto Ricci. This new collection of jewelry has a strong spirit, sober and graphic style, designed and manufactured in Paris. Illustrating the concept of the story presenting its range of color themes. The losange shapes remind geometric patterns of Harlequins clothing. The Maques with crystal eyes evokes the mystery of characters who are hiding...

The universe of the novel immerses you in a world where everyone wears a mask, every country has it's own identity colored...

Réf : 1_TRH - PIC MASQ

Réf : 4_TRH - CLOU LOZ M

TRAILER TRH the new story to discover

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