An April's passion...

The fish: an April's passion!

The fish is an animal with a strong symbolic and spiritual meaning.

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The Hindus worship the fish that lives in deep waters for its wisdom while its extraordinary fertility embodies rebirth and evokes luck for the Chinese. In the past, Christians used the symbol of the fish to recognize each other and in ancient Greek, the word "fish" is made out with the initials of the words "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior". Furthermore, the motto for Pisces, the sign of the Fish in astrology, is "I save".

In some countries such as France, the fish is also the symbol for April Fool's day. Although the origins of this custom remain a mystery, this is a fun and humorous occasion to celebrate with friends. Just like the fish, let's keep our eyes wide opened – thus staying beautifully attuned to other people - while achieving our potential. So let's dive head first joyously toward the future! Antique Bronze. Creative jewelry with a whimsy twist. ZOR creations. All our creations are hand-made in France. The variation in shape, size and color from one piece to another is a distinctive characteristic and proof of its uniqueness and preciousness.

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